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Introducing a handy fridge!
Have you ever hesitated buying products in a supermarket because you were not sure what you already have in your fridge?
Or have you ever felt bad about throwing away your moms stale stew and rotten oranges?
Using MINI FRIDGE allows you to be always aware of whats in your fridge and sometimes cook awesome cuisine with leftover!

1. You can save names, groups, quantities and expiry dates of items in your fridge.
2. You can take pictures with notes for your items.
3. If you select the item name you already added before, it automatically sorts storages and groups for the same item you newly buy.
4. You can display your list order by expiry date, group or name.
5. You can edit, add and delete your groups.
6. It notices you when the item is about to pass its expiry date.